Co-curricular Activities Policy

The school is committed to offering a wide range of co-curricular activities and trips that enable pupils to develop their social, sporting and cultural abilities and to foster their self belief.

This is realised through:

  • A programme of activities where commitment is achieved through the enjoyment and interest of the pupils and maintained by caring and involved members of staff who understand the goal of pupil personal development.
  • A programme of activities that has the following categories: artistic, charitable, community, cultural, practical, personal, spiritual, sporting, educational visits and residential experiences.
  • A carefully balanced programme which, while challenging to the pupils, ensures an appropriate balance between the academic work and involvement in co-curricular activities and trips through the age range.

The co-curricular timetable ensures that priority time is given to both the performing arts and sport. There are separate detailed timetables for the Lower School and the Third Year and above. The co-curricular activities are placed into one of five groups: Art and Design, Charitable, Community and Spiritual, Enrichment, Performing Arts and Sporting and games. The timetables are reviewed on a term by term basis and details are published on the School website. A Freshers' Fair is held at the start of the Autumn Term as part of the Schools' Induction Programme.

Through tutors pupils are encouraged to fully participate in the co-curricular programme. Their commitment is monitored through an annual audit carried out during the Autumn Term. As a result of this audit any issues involving under or over commitment can be addressed by Heads of Year through tutors.

All staff are expected to make a contribution to the co-curricular programme.