Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri Wednesday
8.30am Class Purposes 8.30am Class Purposes
8.40am Assembly/Tutor Period 8.40am Tutor Period
8.55am Period 1 8.55am Period 1
9.35am Period 2 9.30am Period 2
10.15am Period 3 10.10am Period 3
10.55am Break 10.50am Break
11.15am Period 4 11.10am Period 4
11.55am Period 5 11.45am Period 5
12.35pm Lunch / Activities 12.25pm Period 6
1.55pm Class Purposes 1.05pm Lunch
2.00pm Period 6 2.20pm Class Purposes
2.40pm Period 7 2.25pm Period 7
3.20pm Period 8 3.05pm Period 8
4.00pm Teaching Ends Clubs/turnouts 3:45pm Teaching Ends Clubs/turnouts

School buses depart at 4.15pm (except for Wednesday, when they leave at 4.00pm). Pupils staying for after school activities/turnouts must make alternative arrangements.

A "Late Room" is provided until 5.45 pm, and day pupils must make use of it for private study if they are not involved in activities, or going home immediately after school. Day pupils are expected to leave the school site by 4.15pm, unless they are involved in a supervised activity or are attending the Homework Room.

Late Bus

There are three late buses which leave the School at 6.00 pm. Places on these buses are limited and those wishing to use this service must book a seat at reception before 1.30 p.m. Those failing to do so may not be able to use this service. Priority will be given to regular bus users. The School reserve the right to alter routes, timings and pick up/ drop off points when road, traffic and external influences effect the normal operation.

School Diary

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