Performing Arts Scholarship

Performing Arts Scholarship

The Performing Arts are an important part of school life at Caterham School. We welcome and value applications for Performing Arts Scholarships from young performers with flair and passion for the theatre and stage. Our busy and diverse Performing Arts faculty seeks to provide exciting opportunities for expressive performers who will join the exciting range of activities and events that celebrate singing, acting and dancing. This is a useful guide for applicants of Performing Arts Scholarships but should further details be required, please contact the Admissions department.

To apply for a Performing Arts Scholarship, please use the form at the bottom of this page.


Performing Arts Scholars are expected to participate in the busy co-curricular programme throughout the year; being part of a number of ensembles and attending various clubs and appearing as a performer in a number of shows, concerts and productions throughout the year. A firm commitment to the activities of the Performing Arts faculty is expected and allows for the many benefits afforded to our scholars.

Performing Arts Scholars are often required to represent the school in a variety of ways: at inter-school performances, in local and national music and drama festivals, dance competitions, as ambassadors for the school at open days and other events, in recordings and videos for online distribution and on social media.

The flair and confidence for performance of a Performing Arts Scholar also inspires and encourages younger and less experienced pupils at both the Senior and Prep Schools and a willingness to mentor and support is an important part of the role, particularly at 13+ and 16+.

There are high expectations for Performing Arts Scholars; a dedication to progressing in singing, acting and dancing with a view to achieving high marks at any graded examinations taken, exemplary commitment to any groups, enthusiasm for learning challenging works, willingness to appear and perform as a soloist and at 16+, the opportunity to assist Staff in the preparing and rehearsing of productions and the opportunity to devise innovative projects.

Scholars are fully supported by Staff and are mentored and supported to achieve these expectations.

Further details about the audition can be found on the ‘Guidelines and audition details’ document.

We look forward to receiving applications from enthusiastic and talented performers and to furthering their already successful artistic profiles. The faculty is friendly and nurturing with staff who are passionate about the Performing Arts and understand the pressures and demands of school life. Scholars flourish at Caterham School and represent the absolute enjoyment of stage performance.

For further information about the activities of the Performing Arts Faculty, please visit:

For more details of the admissions process and application, please contact the Admissions Department: [email protected]

For specific questions about music and/or dance, please contact: [email protected]

For specific questions about drama, please contact the Director of Drama: [email protected] 


Guidelines and Audition Details

Performing Arts Scholarships usually represent up to 10% of the fees but in exceptional circumstances, and at the direction of the Headmaster, can be up to 25%. They are awarded on the basis of a successful audition demonstrating exceptional skills in all three disciplines: Drama, Singing and Dance.


Portfolio & General Comments

In addition to the Performing Arts Scholarship Application Form a portfolio of achievements from the last two years must be provided and should include:

  • Most recent exam certificates (photocopies and not originals) in all disciplines, where exams have been taken

  • Comment sheets from recent exams

  • Certificates of participation in Performing Arts activities

  • References from relevant teachers and instructors

  • Reference from relevant school teachers

  • Evidence of participation in theatre, dance, singing workshops etc

A desire to commit fully to the Performing Arts life of the school must be demonstrated in all areas.

Please email [email protected] to submit your on-line portfolio. The application form and portfolios will be reviewed by the heads of the Performing Arts faculty and candidates will be selected for further consideration.


Audition (Part 1: Acting through song and dance)


Part 1 of the audition will be split into 4 sections:

  • Performance of a monologue, from memory, which then leads into a song. The monologue should not exceed 1 minute. The song may or may not be a Musical Theatre piece, but should have a strong story element to it. There should be a clear thematic link between the monologue and song. (Please see ‘Guidance on repertoire’ below for suggestions of themes.)
  • An improvised conversation, in role, with the Director of Drama. The candidate will choose which role to take on; either the character from the monologue or the song. It is perfectly acceptable, if not preferred, that the character will be the same for both.
  • A choreographed dance routine to a different song that conveys character and story. This does not have to link to a theme. The dance should not exceed 2 minutes.
  • A brief conversation with the audition panel (Directors of Drama, Music and Dance) about the candidate’s performance and general experience of Performing Arts.
  • An accompanist will be provided by Caterham School (rehearsal time given)
  • Backing tracks should not be used for the vocal performance.
  • Candidates may choose to accompany themselves on piano or guitar, however must remember that they are still acting throughout the performance, so should only do so if it suits the role.
  • Candidates may choose to wear costumes appropriate to their performance if desired
  • Candidates should bring their own music on a digital device or CD for the dance performance.


Audition (Part 2: Learning Choreography) Notes

Part 2 of the audition will be split into 2 sections:

  • A group session led by the Director of Dance, where candidates will learn a short dance routine.
  • An individual performance of the routine, overseen by the audition panel.
  • Candidates should wear appropriate clothes and footwear and bring a named water bottle.
Guidance on repertoire
11+ Entry

Suggested themes: Friendship, school, bravery, adventure, rebellion, family.

The monologue can come from a play, book of monologues or a musical. It should not be from a novel.

Please ensure the monologue & song chosen is appropriate to your age group.

13+ Entry

Suggested themes: Friendship, growing up, disagreement, fear, change, identity.

The monologue can come from a play, book of monologues or a musical. It should not be from a novel.

Please ensure the monologue & song chosen is appropriate to your age group.

16+ Entry

Suggested themes: Relationships, identity, change, loss, love, responsibility.

The monologue can come from a play, book of monologues or a musical. It should not be from a novel.

Please ensure the monologue & song chosen is appropriate to your age group.


Please note that once you have submitted the scholarship form, an acknowledgement will appear on the screen and in addition you will receive an acknowledgement email – please can we ask that you check your spam or junk folder should this not appear in your inbox.  Thank you.

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