Sport Scholarship

Sport Scholarship

Sport is an important part of school life at Caterham School. We welcome and value applications for a Sport Scholarship. This is a useful guide for applicants of Sport Scholarships but should further details be required, please contact the Admissions department.

Sport Scholarships – guidelines and assessment details

Sport Scholarships usually represent up to 10% of the fees but in exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the Headmaster, can be up to 25%. It is possible that the award may be higher for young athletes with high level county and international recognition.  Successful pupils benefit from the unique Caterham Athletic Programme (CAP). To apply for a Sport Scholarship, please use the form at the bottom of this page.


Candidates who have applies for a sport scholarship will be required to attend a sports scholarship assessment day along with all other candidates.  For 16+ and 13+ this will be in the Autumn Term of their application and for 11+ the assessment will take place at the beginning of January.

It is essential that candidates are, at the very least, strong A team players at their existing school or at a local club.  Candidates that do not meet these criteria should not apply for a sports scholarship.

Qualities we are looking for:

  • Evidence of a commitment to sport beyond what would be usual for a pupil of their age
  • A high level of fitness; aerobic, anaerobic, speed, power, agility, balance
  • Excellent hand-eye co-ordination
  • A committed member of at least one outside school sports club
  • A proven track record of excellent in sport at his/her current school, both in terms of performance and attitude
  • Evidence that the candidate is able to perform as part of a team with the overall team goal being more important than individual glory

And may also show:

  • The ability to communicate effectively and positively with team-mates
  • An ability to inspire those around them with words and deeds
  • The potential to develop into a performer that may earn selection into county, regional and national squads

Sports assessment guidance

Candidates should make it clear on their sport scholarship application form which sport is their strongest. We will ensure that we assess pupils in this sport along with the other Caterham School sports.

The best piece of advice we can give for candidates is to enjoy their day. If they are at the assessment day then they obviously love sport so this day should be a lot of fun!

Candidates should try to forget they are being assessed, approach everything with enthusiasm, and try to remember that we are looking for candidates that know how to do what is best for their team, not what is best for themselves. For example, a boy or girl who tries to score a try every time he / she touches the ball without first scanning to see if others are in a better position, will not impress.

There are no formal interviews for sports scholarships but throughout the assessment day candidates should expect to be asked questions about their sporting experiences. During these conversations, candidates should speak with real enthusiasm about sport and why they enjoy it so much; and discuss past achievements and sporting highlights.

Please note that once you have submitted the scholarship form, an acknowledgement will appear on the screen and in addition you will receive an acknowledgement email – please can we ask that you check your spam or junk folder should this not appear in your inbox.  Thank you.

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