Autumn Term PE Review

Autumn Term PE Review

This term the PE programme has seen pupils take part in a new carousel of activities. The enthusiasm all pupils from First to Fourth Year have shown in their PE lessons has been fantastic regardless of what activity they are doing. Their curiosity as they develop their understanding of functional movement in the performance gym or demonstrating their resilience as they race up Dome Hill or even as they work through different principles of play to become tactical masterminds has been awesome. I know the PE staff have really enjoyed seeing the pupil’s push themselves and grow in confidence.

Further up the school the GCSE and A Level PE pupils have experienced the real depth of the subject and the extent to which it can be applied to their own experiences.  Creating personal development plans as part of their coursework or researching how top sports players have utilised technology to improve performance, specifically considering the pandemic has helped to create a tangible buzz around the subject.

Finally, what has been a standout this term has been everyone’s desire to know more, from the First Year pupils all the way to the introduction gym sessions for the Sixth Form. Even the staff are pushing forward with six members of the PE staff passing their Level 1 British Weightlifting Qualification. The commitment to learn more, do more and love being physically strong has made for a very exciting end to the calendar year. We can’t wait to see what happens in 2022 as everyone continues to chip away at their goals.

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