Bounce Back Better

Bounce Back Better

Bounce Back Better is an initiative designed to help us to reflect on things that we have learnt about ourselves and the way we work during the last six extraordinary months. Inspired by the United Nations’ Build Back Better programme, and supported by our coaching culture at school, the key question to answer is how this learning might help us in the future.

The initiative is being rolled out to all year groups in the school at different times this half term, and formed part of the August training days for all teaching and bursarial staff.

Here are some examples of what pupils have said so far…

  • ‘I now go for a daily walk with my Mum, without my phone, and am going to carry this on’
  • ‘I feel less stressed and have really learned what my priorities are, and how I like to spend my time’
  • ‘I procrastinate less as I know I just have to get on and do it.  No one is going to do it for me’ 
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