Silver Medal in IBM National App Competition

Silver Medal in IBM National App Competition


From an initial field of approximately 2000 students from all over the UK, Caterham School’s Teen Health have finish a remarkable second place. The team, consisting of Third Year pupils Ollie Wynn, Caspar Barton, Dom Wells and David Poolman, submitted their entry last November.

For round two, consisting of 50 teams, they were asked to make a video explaining why they thought their app should be made. From this, they were selected to be among the 10 teams to compete in the final. Their idea was to make an app which would provide teenagers with advice and support for a range of mental health issues. This would allow users to access some initial help without the potential embarrassment of talking to their parents, teachers or a doctor.
The app would provide encouragement and guidance as well as link them with professionals who could really help them.

After some initial coaching by an IBM graduate employee, the team presented their app proposal to a panel of judges in front of all the other finalists at IBM’s Southbank offices in London. The pupils were then grilled by the judges about their plans. The team all performed brilliantly and were rewarded with second place overall.

Said Neil Stokes, Head of Computing at Caterham School: “I think their app is a fantastic idea with the potential to make a real difference to the lives of many children around the country and would love to see it made.”

Mr Stokes is keen to hear from any parents in relevant profession who might be able to provide additional support to take this project further, following this fantastic success.


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