Superb LAMDA Results for Caterham Actors

Superb LAMDA Results for Caterham Actors

The November Lamda exam session saw some excellent results in a variety of acting, devised and speaking of verse and prose exams. A particular well done to Zoe Makele (2M) who scored 92/100 for her Grade 5 Speaking of Verse and Prose and Poppy Labrosse (1R) who scored 91/100 for her Grade 5 Acting exam and to the First Year devised group who performed a brilliant piece all of their own making which resulted in five distinctions.

Well done to all candidates below:

Mihir Gandecha (4U)  Verse and Prose grade 7 Pass
Zara Makele (2O)  V&P grade 5 Distinction 
Zoe Makele (2M)  V&P grade 5 Distinction 
First year devised group – Krishan Ahuja-Hofheiz (1D), Eloise Smith (1D), Alice Caiger (1D), Penny Ogden (1R), Grace Godfrey (1L)  grade 3, all distinction 
Mili Greener (1W) acting grade 4 merit 
Hannah Lobb (3U2) acting grade 3 merit 
Shreya Kumar (3H1) acting grade 3 merit 
Isabella Burns (1L) acting grade 3 distinction 
Emily Worrell (1W) acting grade 3 distinction 
Paige Griffiths (1W) acting grade 3 distinction 
Laura Brooker (1R) acting grade 3 merit
Maaduri Anbukumar (1W) acting grade 3 merit 
Hermione Zhou (4U) acting grade 3 distinction 
Millie Thomas (2O) acting grade 5 distinction 
Poppy Labrosse (1R) acting grade 5 distinction 
Ben Moore (3U2) acting grade 5 pass 
Ed Statham (4U) acting grade 5 distinction 
Alice Fish (U6L2) acting grade 8 Gold medal merit

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