Superb Launch of ArtsHouse

Superb Launch of ArtsHouse

The launch of Caterham ArtsHouse took place on Friday 3 May with the first live theatre production from a visiting company called Austentatious.

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‘Austentaious’ is an entirely improvised comedy play in the style of Jane Austen. Join the all-star cast as they create a riotously funny new literary masterpiece, based on nothing more than a title suggested by the audience.’

On the strength of the above description, a large number of eagerly expectant parents, pupils and friends packed the foyer of the Humphreys Theatre. A crackle of excitement, but also a hint of trepidation filled the atmosphere. Beside me one visitor asked her friend if she thought that we, as the audience, would be participating in the improvisation alongside the actors. Whilst replying ‘surely not…’ her friend did not look entirely convinced. Indeed many of us were not completely sure what to expect. Our fears however, could not have been more unfounded. From the first moment, we were treated to a roller coaster ride through the familiar world of Austen’s lovable characters, piercingly portrayed with razor wit and split second comic timing. The resultant heady mix had us all helpless with laughter at every turn. More than one unfortunate audience member found themselves doubled up, unable quite to control their fits of giggles. In the words of Jane Austen, the Queen of wit herself, “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?”
I left the theatre determined to see this company in action again in the not too distant future. It would be hard to imagine a more fitting and fun way to have launched Caterham ArtsHouse, the new Caterham live theatre venture, and I look forward to forthcoming evenings of outstanding performance.

More information about productions can be found on or on the ArtsHouseFacebook page: Caterham ArtsHouse.

Review by Lynn Lobb, Caterham Drama Department

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