Supporting Caterham Rotary Christmas Collections

Supporting Caterham Rotary Christmas Collections

Many thanks to the various pupil and staff volunteers who, as of the latest update, have helped Caterham Rotary raise £2,392.31. There’s still Monday’s and Tuesday’s totals to add, so that figure will go up by about £1,200. This local branch would likely struggle to gather these donations without students, so thanks – and congratulations – go to:

Julianne, Vicki, Thirisha, Caitlyn, Rachel, Sophia, Tiffany, Bariledum, Emma, Sharon, Mariella, Ryan, Rachel, Josh, Ponny, Harry, Justin, Sophie and Belle. 

Please do consider donating online which will benefit three charities: The Lily Foundation – based in Warlingham; The Westway Centre in Caterham on the Hill and our nominated Caterham School charity – Mercy Ships

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