Taekwon-Do is a version of an ancient form of unarmed combat practiced for many centuries in Korea.

It was perfected by General Choi Hong Hi (1918-2002) who, for many years, was head of the Republic of Korean Armed Forces unarmed combat division. It has been developed & modernised since its introduction to the rest of the world on 11th April 1955.

Translated from Korean Tae means “to jump, kick or smash with the foot.” Kwon means “to punch, strike or smash with the fist.” Do means “art, method or way.”

Paul Harwood IV is an ITF International Instructor and former England International. He has taught many National Champions and now a Junior World Champion as well.

Members of the Taekwon-Do club are encouraged to take part in gradings, seminars and various competitions. This activity is chargeable.


See Mr Andrew Patterson

Instructor: Paul Harwood IV, ITF International Instructor

Term: Autumn, Spring & Summer

Time: Thursday 5.30 – 6.30pm

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