Intermediate IRP Presentation Evening

Intermediate IRP Presentation Evening

Intermediate IRP Finals Evening, Tuesday 30 November 2021

Following the Senior (Sixth Form) Independent Research Prize Finals Night a fortnight ago comes the Intermediate (Fourth & Fifth Year) IRP Finals Night. This evening will showcase the research and intellectual endeavour of the middle school with six finalists chosen from a very strong field.

Each finalist will present his / her research and then field questions from the audience (see the questions facility below). Prepare to be blown away by some of Caterham’s brightest young scholars!

* Ria M (Fifth Year): Female Empowerment in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Jane Eyre and To a Wreath of Snow
* Xavier P (Fifth Year): An investigation into the effects of different activation functions in neural networks.
* Pia S (Fifth Year): Was Nero’s love for spectacle the obsession of a deranged egomaniac or a considered policy?
* Sophie H (Fifth Year): Should genome editing be conducted on human embryos?
* Finn O (Fifth Year): Autonomous Cars and the Trolley Problem: can a machine ever make a truly ethical decision?
* Millie C (Fifth Year): Did Tsar Nicholas II of Russia cause his own downfall in 1917?

The live stream of the presentations will begin at 1900GMT on Tuesday 30 November 2021.


Please view the live event at the bottom of this page.


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