Where are your teachers based?
Caterham School, Surrey, England. Your lessons will take place in our fantastic library

Is my tutor a native English speaker?

What qualifications and previous experience does my tutor have?
Both are employed full time by Caterham School.  You can find each of their bios here

What age range is this course suitable for?
13 – 18 year olds

How long is my course?
Four weeks

How will you assess my needs?
After your initial online assessment, you’ll have a 45-minute consultation with your tutor. They will then build your bespoke course taking into account your level and what you want to achieve

What will I study on my course?
You will become a more confident speaker, you will have opportunities to broaden your vocabulary, improve your grammar and use the beautiful English language more flexibly to express exactly what you want to say, especially on topics you choose

Can your course help me prepare for an English exam?
Yes, we have an extremely wide variety of experience with all major national and international exams for non-native speakers of English. We also have extensive knowledge of school entrance exams

Can your course help me improve my pronunciation?
Whatever your goal, we can support and help you achieve it

How many lessons do I have each week?
One or two on a Tuesday and/or a Thursday

Will my lessons be with the same tutor each week?
Yes, if you opt to have one weekly lesson on the same day, it will be with the same tutor. If, however you choose the more intensive course, you’ll have two weekly lessons, truly benefitting from both tutors. Your tutors work collaboratively every day, ensuring equilibrium in your plan and smooth progress

Will I be given homework?
We will suggest work of different types to help you arrive at your English language destination. Some work will be given to complete prior to the lesson and some will be given as follow up revision of what you have learned. As always your improvement will be proportional to the amount of effort you put in

How do I postpone a lesson?
Contact us as soon as possible and we will attempt to rearrange it, but we get booked up quickly so you may have to accept a given time as a rearrangement. Please see our booking terms and conditions for full details

How long are my lessons?
45 minutes

How many people will be in the lesson?
Just you and your tutor

Do I need to download any software?
Yes, Microsoft Teams, It is possible to use this in a web browser

Do I need an internet connection?
Yes, you must have a good internet connection

What other equipment will I need?
You will need a laptop or an iPad with a built-in webcam or a USB plug-in one and built-in or separate speakers. It is your responsibility to make sure everything is working; that you can see, hear, be seen and be heard. Find a quiet place to go for your lesson; you may want to use headphones

How do I book on the course?
Complete the online booking form on our website here. Once received we will contact you to book your assessment. Payment is taken at the end of the booking form. 





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