Financial Support

Financial Support

Education has the power to transform lives. We believe that Caterham School should be a destination for talented children, irrespective of parental income or background, and we welcome all applications.   

Each year we support children and families through a range of means-tested financial awards (bursaries), which enable children to attend Caterham School by providing significant help with fees and other costs. If you would like to talk to us about applying for financial assistance for a  place for your child please contact Alison Jones (tel: 01883 335058, email: [email protected]) and she will be happy to help and guide you. 

What support is available?

A range of means-tested financial support is available for families. We offer support in the form of ‘Assisted Places’ to families whose financial resources are limited. This support may be up to 50% of school tuition fees (possibly more in exceptional cases).  We also offer a number of means-tested and named financial awards (bursaries) which offer support of up to 100% of school tuition fees:

William Wilberforce Bursaries (also known as Transformational Bursaries)

(Available at 11+, 13+ and Sixth Form entry for day and boarding candidates who are UK residents)

Awards of up to 100% of fees are available each year for candidates from families with very limited financial resources. Families may also be offered support with other costs including transport, school uniform and school trips depending on family circumstances. It is named after the famous abolitionist and philanthropist, who was a Governor of the School from the time of its foundation in 1811 until his death in 1833.


(Available for candidates at Sixth Form entry)

This is a means tested award available to young people wishing to study A Level sciences at Caterham. This award is particularly focused on children wishing to pursue a career in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science. The size of award is dependent on financial assessment but can be up to 100% of school tuition fees. It is named after a former Caterham School science teacher, a generous benefactor of the school.


(Available at 11+, 13+ and Sixth Form entry)

The Eynon Award is a means-tested award available for the children of former pupils of Caterham and Eothen Schools. The size of the award depends on financial assessment but can be up to 100% of school tuition fees. It is named after George Eynon (OC 1885-1891), a notable benefactor of Caterham School.


(Available at 11+, 13+ and Sixth Form entry)

Means-tested support is available for the children of URC clergy. These awards offer a minimum of 30% of the school fees but can be up to 100% of the fees depending on financial assessment.

How and when can I apply?

To apply for an ‘Assisted Place’, please make an application using the application forms on our website, by the listed closing dates (click here for our Admissions page). On completing the application form, you will be able to indicate that you are applying for financial support.  Please note that the application fee will still apply but may be refunded at a later date.  

To apply for a  ‘William Wilberforce Bursary’ (also known as a Transformational Bursary), Maddock, Eynon or URC Bursary, then please contact Alison Jones, Registrar at [email protected]

Is support available for both day and boarding places?

Means-tested financial awards are available for day pupils (who are UK residents).  For boarding enquiries, please contact [email protected].

How will my application for financial assistance be assessed?

All applications for assistance are treated in the utmost confidence.  The granting of means-tested financial support is discretionary. In making its decisions, the School considers a wide range of appropriate matters including, but not limited to, parental/guardian income (from all sources), assets (including personal property) and other matters that are particular to the pupil, such as family circumstances and background. The School reassesses means-tested support annually, as parental circumstances can change.

The amount awarded is based on financial and family circumstances. However, all means-tested financial support is subject to satisfying the entrance requirements of the school. The number of means-tested financial awards we can offer is limited and not all applications will be successful.

Families who apply for means-tested awards will be asked to submit documentation to support their applications. We support families through this process.

What about the cost of school trips and uniform if my child gains a place?

For those families who require significant means-tested support our Transformational Bursaries provide support of up to 100% of fees alongside help with other costs such as uniform, school trips and other related core costs such as transport.

My child is applying for a 13+ deferred entry place. Can I apply for financial support?

Yes. An application for financial support can be made when your child starts Year 8 in their current school.

Are scholarships also available?

Yes they are. For information on scholarships (awarded for achievement and potential across a range of areas) please click here. Children may apply for and hold both a scholarship (non-means assessed) and a means-tested financial award.

Help with applying and further information

Our admissions team is here to answer any questions you may have and to help guide you through the admissions and application journey. Please do not hesitate to get in contact Alison Jones, Registrar, via phone 01883 343028 or email: [email protected].

How are bursaries funded?

Our means-tested places are supported through fundraising. If you would like to join our supporters in enabling a transformative education for even more children please click here to find out why we need your help or email: [email protected]

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