Scholarships at Caterham not only recognise ability and potential but, vitally, nurture and accelerate talent.

The variety of scholarships offered at Caterham reflect the diversity of talent and opportunity at our school. All applicants are automatically considered for Academic Scholarships but specific applications are required for all other scholarships: Art & Design, Chess, Dance, Drama, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Music, Sports and for Sixth Form, a range of specific Academic Scholarships..

  • We encourage families to consider applying for Scholarships, and even applicants who are unsuccessful will be looked on favourably for their enthusiasm.
  • The value of the awards are made without regard to parental income and are usually worth a percentage of the school fees. The awards typically represent 10 per cent of day fees, but can be up to 30 per cent at the discretion of the Headmaster for co-curricular Scholarships, and up to 50 per cent for outstanding academic scholars. Scholarships remain throughout a pupil’s school career provided they maintain the expected standards as detailed in the Terms and Conditions of Award.
  • Means-tested Financial Support can be awarded in addition to Scholarships.
  • Though rare, it is possible for applicants to be awarded multiple Scholarships.
  • 13+ Deferred Entry applicants are invited to apply for Scholarships in Year 6. Successful applicants will be advised of a minimum guaranteed Scholarship, which will be confirmed, and in some cases increased, after the Year 8 catch-up process. This applies to all Scholarships.


Expectations and Opportunities

The award of a Scholarship not only brings with it financial reward and affirmation of ability, it also provides an exciting framework and pathway for our Scholars to pursue their passions, develop their skills and talents and to be instrumental in leading the development of a culture of ambition across the School.

All our Scholarships have bespoke Scholarship Programmes which nurture and develop our scholars, such as the Caterham Athletic Programme. We are very proud of the success these programmes have had in stretching and challenging pupils throughout their time at Caterham; many of our Scholars will go on to perform at elite levels and make ambitious and successful applications to the best courses after Caterham.

Scholars are mentors to younger pupils at the school and contribute extensively to our co-curricular clubs and societies. They also frequently take part in external competitions and in partnership work, where they represent the School in the wider community. For Art & Design, Drama and Music scholars, though there is no requirement that they opt to study GCSEs in those subjects, we highly encourage them to do so.

Academic Scholarships

All applicants are automatically considered for an Academic Scholarship, and decisions are based on performance in the normal assessments and interview. We have a broad understanding of outstanding academic ability, though all academic scholars exhibit a genuine thirst for learning and a passion for a variety of subject areas.

academic ScholarshipS at 16+ entry

In addition to normal Academic Scholarships, we offer specific Scholarships for 16+ applicants. A Caterham Sixth Form education is a platform for success beyond school – whether you’re aiming for the very best UK or global universities, or the most competitive Degree Apprenticeship programmes. Every young person’s ambition is unique, and their journey through our Sixth Form equally bespoke. We are excited that we have specific Scholarships for some of our most successful pathways, for which separate applications are required. Applicants will be required to submit a supporting personal statement, and an additional interview will form part of their 16+ application. The Scholarships are:

  • Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Classics
  • Philosophy & Theology

In addition, as a result of a generous legacy, we annually award the Maddock Exhibition to female 16+ applicants seeking to study science at A Level who show exceptional promise and potential. The Exhibition carries a value of £1000 for the first year of a pupil’s A Level course.

Co-Curricular Scholarships


Applicants will be asked to upload a digital portfolio of 15-20 pieces of work completed in the past year in any media. It is preferable that the portfolio evidences understanding and knowledge of the work of artists, 3D and design work, confident use of a variety of skills including strong drawing skills, and work undertaken outside of school independently. In addition, applicants will be asked to submit a short statement of support explaining their passion for Art. Applications will be reviewed and a short list invited to assessment and interview at Caterham. 


Successful Chess Scholarship applicants will combine talent for the game with a evidenced history of playing competitively in local or regional tournaments. Crucially, applicants must have a passion and genuine enjoyment of the game. Applicants will be asked to upload a one-sided A4 page CV listing their experience and achievements in Chess and can also upload any references or certificates they may have. For assessment, we invite applicants in for an informal game versus a member of staff at Caterham.


Those with a passion and talent for any style of dance are invited to consider applying, especially those with dance qualifications and/or a history of participation in competitions. Applicants will be asked to upload any exam certificates or teacher references they may have, a one-sided A4 page CV listing their experience and achievements in Dance, and a one-minute self-tape where they explain their passion for Dance and why they think a Scholarship will be beneficial to them. If short-listed, pupils will be invited to an audition day involving a performance of one routine in a style of their choice, and participate in a choreography workshop. Further details will be sent to those who are short-listed when they are informed.


We welcome and value applications for Drama Scholarships from young actors and theatre technicians with flair and a passion for the stage, especially those who have passed examinations (LAMDA, Trinity etc.) and/or who have extensive experience in productions. Applicants will be asked to upload exam certificates, at least one reference, a one-sided A4 page CV listing their experience and achievements in Drama, and a one-minute self-tape where they can explain their passion for Drama, what has inspired them, and why they think a Scholarship will be beneficial to them. Those short-listed will be invited to an audition day involving a performed monologue (two for 13+ and 16+) and a group workshop, and further details will be sent to those who are short-listed when they are informed.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Scholarship is awarded to pupils who can demonstrate a high level of creativity within the digital or design & technology space (for example in coding, app design, CAD, prototyping, web design or something similar), or in the areas of social activism, change-making and enterprise. Applicants will be asked to upload a one-page CV detailing their experience of and skills in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and their aspirations for developing these and new projects whilst at Caterham. In addition, they will be asked to outline and explain one completed project of which they are particularly proud. This might be a game/app, a social activism campaign or a business enterprise that they have designed and created. Short listed applicants will be invited to Caterham for an interview and assessment.


We look forward to receiving applications from enthusiastic and talented musicians, especially those who are dedicated to music beyond musical graded exams (e.g. participation in ensembles), those who have the ability to sight-read competently and confidently, and those with strong musicality as well as technical proficiency. Applicants will be asked to upload exam certificates and mark sheets, at least one reference, a one-sided A4 page CV listing their experience and achievements in Music. 

11+ applicants should be working towards (or have achieved) Grade 5 and present pieces of Grade 5 standard at audition on their first study instrument. Those learning orchestral instruments are strongly encouraged to apply, as are those with second studies.

For older entry points, two studies must be offered (see grades required below), and at least one of the studies must be an orchestral instrument or voice.

  • 13+: Grade 6 in 1st study and Grade 4 in 2nd study.
  • 16+: Grade 7 in 1st study and Grade 5 in 2nd study.

Exceptional musicians without a 2nd study may be invited to audition; please contact Admissions. For all entry points, the Director of Music/Head of Instrumental Music will review applications, and short-listed applicants will be invited to audition. The audition will involve performances on first study instruments and second study where applicable, as well as an interview and sight-reading tests.


We are always delighted to hear from dedicated singers with choral singing experience, specifically in church music. To be invited for auditions, applicants must provide a brief resume/CV that outlines your child’s singing experience; where they have performed, notable solo performances, participation in choirs, church singing experience and other singing they may have done (be that musical theatre/pop etc.)

Please also confirm if your child has singing lessons and provide details and results of exams they may have taken.

Once their resume has been reviewed by the Director of Music, the Admissions department will be advised if your child would be suitable for an audition for Choral Scholarship. The audition will include a performance of a piece of music that demonstrates singing appropriate to a church context, aural exercises, and tests as well as some sight reading. A section of music in Latin or a European language would be studied briefly then performed as part of the audition.


Applicants will be asked to outline their sporting experience (including teams they play for) and interests as part of the sports Scholarship application form, as well as to upload a reference from their school or club. Applicants should make it clear on their application form which is their strongest sport and we will endeavour to assess them in this sport as well as the others. 11+ and 13+ applicants must be representing their school and/or club A teams in major sports, whilst 16+ applicants should have a proven track record of consistently competing in the top team of their school age group and are likely to have experience of county, regional, national or international representation. Applicants are invited in to Caterham for assessment of their fitness (aerobic, anaerobic, speed, power, agility and balance), hand-eye co-ordination, communication and collaborative skills, and their coachability as they take part in a carousel of our major sports. At 11+, some applicants will be invited back for further assessments after the initial assessment afternoon. 


Applications for all co-curricular Scholarships can be accessed and completed on the applicant’s admissions account. Please do not hesitate to contact Admissions if you have any queries.

Specific arrangements will be made for short-listed applicants based overseas who will audition/be interviewed/be assessed virtually.

Please do not hesitate to contact Assistant Registrar (Day), Mrs Sara Chesterman, on tel: 01883 335058 or email: [email protected].

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