Caterham Athlete Programme

Caterham Athlete Programme

The Caterham Athlete Programme (CAP) is a unique programme specially designed to give our very best sportsmen and women specialised, focused support so that they can reach their sporting potential.

This established programme is overseen by our Assistant Director of Sport, Mr Jonathan Batty, who has over twenty years experience of professional sport, having played county cricket for Surrey and Gloucestershire. What is provided on the CAP is akin to the level of support provided to sports professionals.

As a member of CAP our pupils have;

• Extra fitness and conditioning sessions, overseen by our resident Strength and Conditioning coach, who in turn receives support from the lead Strength and Conditioning coach from the English Institute of Sport, Chris McLeod.
• Nutrition workshops and lectures
• Sports psychology sessions
• Goal setting sessions
• An assigned sports mentor who will ensure a pupil’s training programme is bringing success, but also that a pupil is supported to achieve a balance between sport and academic work
• Termly fitness testing
• Injury rehabilitation clinics

Of course with such privileges come certain responsibilities. Our sports men and women are expected to;

• Attend all practices, turnouts and matches
• Show an outstanding attitude across all three terms of sport
• Strive to do their best and improve their performance
• Develop leadership skills and endeavour to motivate their peers
• Continue to be amongst the leading sports performers in the school


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