Swimming Academy

Swimming Academy

The Caterham Swimming Academy was established in September 2016 with the ambition of creating a regional centre of excellence for swimming. It is open to young swimmers from across the community in addition to supporting the School’s swimmers.By providing expert swimming tuition to pupils from aged 3 to 18, the Academy aims to create a clear pathway from a child’s first entry into the water to becoming an elite level swimmer. 

This is achieved in two different ways;

(1) by offering Caterham Preparatory School and Caterham Senior School pupils first class swimming coaching in their timetabled lessons and extra-curricular sessions (which happen before school, at lunchtime and after school)

(2) by offering out of school swimming lessons to Caterham pupils and to children from the wider community.

All aspects of the Swimming Academy are led by Sean Perfect. 

Swim School Lessons

During school term time, the Academy operate three swim schools that are held on Sunday mornings and on Monday and Thursdays from 4.00pm to 6.00pm.

Sunday Swim School

Our Sunday Swim School classes are aimed at learning and developing the basic movement skills of our swimmers with the main focus of having FUN whilst being safe. We work with small class sizes typically 1:2, with our largest class size of 1:6. Having small classes means we can give each child the individual attention they need and can work to their specific ability levels. At the end of each term all children will be awarded either a progress badge or a new swim stage badge.

Our classes run for 30 minutes between the hours of 9.00am-12.00pm. At any one time slot we run three ability classes:

Ducklings– This stage encourages swimmers to move more independently learning the very basics of arm and leg movements, whilst under close supervision from one of our teachers.

Transition– Class sizes now increase to a 1:4 ratio. In this stage swimmers will learn to swim independently using floatation aids and progress towards unaided swimming.

Improvers– In this stage swimmers are now confident and have mastered the basic stroke patterns of front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke, and can swim 10-15m back and forth comfortably.


Weekday Swim School

Our weekday swim schools continue the development of our swimmers from our Sunday classes.

Children in our weekday Swim School are all apart of the Swim England Learn to Swim framework. Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays 4-6pm. The Monday and Thursday Swim Schools are for swimmers that can swim for a minimum of five to ten metres unaided, both on their front and back.

4.00-4.30pm: stages 2-3Learn to Swim

4.30-5.00pm: Stages 4-5 Learn to Swim

5.00-5.30pm: Stages 5-7 Learn to Swim

5.30pm-6.00pm: Stages 8-10 Learn to Swim

Swimmers attending the 5.00pm or 5.30pm classes, have the option of having fifty minute lessons starting from 5.00pm, where the focus becomes more specific on stroke technique, speed, and stamina building


Holiday Courses

During school holidays the Academy holds a range of different swimming courses for all ages and abilities, all of which can be found in our ‘Swimming Academy Booklet’. These include:

  • Crash Courses – group and one to one swimming lessons are available for any age and ability. 9.00am-12.00pm.
  • Swimming Camps for club & regional level swimmers – three to five day courses which involve two swimming sessions per day, land training and swimming analysis- 9.00am-1.00pm
  • For further details on our Holiday Swim Courses, please click here


Sean Perfect:  sean.perfect@caterhamschool.co.uk

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