Caterham School enjoys an enviable reputation for producing highly successful individual and team performances in a wide range of sports.

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Excellence is pursued whole heartedly (with many pupils achieving county, national and international representative honours), but the aim is also to cater for every pupil, at his or her own level of ability and enthusiasm. While pupils are encouraged and pushed to reach their full potential, the main goal of fun and enjoyment is always at the forefront.

The PE staff are committed to giving all players a positive experience of sport and introducing pupils to the sportsmanship and camaraderie that are so closely linked to physical activity.

All pupils are given the opportunity to play competitively at School and at House level. A full fixture list and regular major games tours – both domestically and internationally – are part of this provision.

More than twenty sports are on offer at Caterham, with most pupils involved in physical activity at least three or four times a week. Coaching is provided by expert PE staff and academic teachers, and is supplemented in many areas by visiting professionals and specialists.

Sports that have regular weekend fixtures are: Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics (boys) and Lacrosse, Netball, Tennis and Athletics (girls). A comprehensive mid-week fixture list exists in Swimming, Badminton, Football, Pentathlon, Basketball, Golf and Cross Country. There are also weekly practices in Archery, Dance, Fencing, Horse Riding, Gymnastics, Judo, Tae Kwon Do which are very popular.

The exceptional sporting facilities which make all of this possible include some of the very best grass pitches in the south of England, a floodlit Astroturf, a 25 metre indoor swimming pool, five netball courts and a fully equipped double sports hall. The School is also very fortunate to have a new sports pavilion and bar that offers spectators an unrivalled match-day experience. The School also makes use of its additional sports grounds at Hill Field, a short walk from the main school site.  A £3m new pavilion with hospitality and changing facility was opened by Matt Dawson in December 2017.


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