Caterham has an outstanding reputation in lacrosse and consistently finishes in the top four schools at the annual National Schools’ tournament.  High standards are expected throughout all the age groups, from the U12’s through to the 1st XII.

All girls play lacrosse with lessons taking place in games afternoons and at after school turnouts. Our aim is to field as many teams as possible with the U12, U13 and U14s all having A, B and C teams. At U15 there are A and B teams while the seniors are split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd XIIs.

Our goal is for each player to realise their potential and ambition within the sport. In addition to squad training, players’ individual development is supported by skill specific sessions, including fitness, goal setting, stick work and shooting.

A Caterham lacrosse player is competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship and an understanding that success is not individual but comes through team play. These ideals will be instilled by a group of highly skilled coaches who have played and coached at the International, NCAA Division I, Regional and County level.

We have fantastic staff to player ratios at every training session and all levels of player are taught skills appropriate to their ability and in a group size that will facilitate learning.

We have a proud tradition of competition against the top performing schools in the nation. For many girls, their competitors then become teammates when they are selected to international, regional or county squads. Players currently represent the School while playing for England, Wales, Scotland, the Southeast Region and Surrey County teams.

Caterham lacrosse teams regularly tour to the USA where their skills are tested even further whilst allowing the players to immerse themselves in a different sporting culture.



Mrs Katie McHugh Koi

Term: Autumn & Spring

Teams: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, U15 A&B, U14 A&B, U13 A,B&C, U12 A,B&C

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