The fees, per term, from September 2023 are: 

Day Pupils

Years 7 to 13£7,445
Sixth Form Entry£7,805

Boarding Pupils 

Full Boarding Years 9 to 13£15,315
Full Boarding Sixth Form Entry£16,145
Weekly Boarding Years 9 to 13£12,780
Weekly Boarding Sixth Form Entry£13,470
Half Weekly Boarding Years 7 to 9£9,995


Lunches per term - day pupils (senior school)£305

Please note that fees are charged on an annual basis, but are split into three equal termly amounts as shown above.  


Please also note that there are additional charges for the Senior School which will be added to the fee invoice as “extras”, which may include without limitation, lunch fees (which where applicable are compulsory) school transport service where applicable, fees for extra tuition, other extras such as house charges, public examination fees, subscriptions for the Old Caterhamians’ Association and Parents Association, clothing and equipment purchased on account in the school shop, photographs or other items ordered by the Parents or the Pupil, costs of replacement departmental or library books which are lost or not returned or returned after a given deadline and after replacements have been purchased or damage where the Pupil alone or with others has caused willful loss or damage to School property or the property of any other person (fair wear and tear excluded),  bank charges or administration fees arising from default in Fees payment or late payment charges. In addition, charges for educational visits must be paid in advance through Wisepay.  Please see clause 4.1 in the parent contract for further information (please Click here  to view the Parent Contract).

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