Film Club

Film Club

The club introduces pupils to the diverse array of films from early and pre-sound, right to the edges of Hollywood and World Cinema.

Film Club Drop-in Sessions

The drop in sessions are open to all years and provides an opportunity to learn the basics of filmmaking. We will explore green screen, using cameras (HDV Sony and a 5D Mark II), film theory, storyboarding, lighting, sound, Foley, animation and editing. By the end of academic year, pupils will have an in depth knowledge of pre-production to post-production film. 

Time: Wednesday 1.30pm

Location: Upstairs in Innovation Centre

Contact: Miss Crick  Email:

 Film Club – all

Film Club lunchtime session is open to all from beginners to advanced filmmakers. The group focuses on developing filmmaking skills by producing films which are led by the pupils. We explore by translating stories and poems into films and provide regular coverage of events at Caterham School. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in filmmaking to explore new ideas and work on films which will be shown online and at a film festival in the spring term. 

Time: Thursday 1.00pm

Location: Upstairs in Innovation Centre 

Contact: Miss Crick Email:

Film Club – advanced 

Film Club after school session aims to provide opportunities for seasoned members of Film Club to extend their skills through learning more advanced filmmaking skills. Members will gain opportunities to be involved in running CAT FILM CLUB, which will involve teaching new members of Film Club on Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes and Prep Film Club on Tuesday at 4.00pm, directing and filming regular coverage of events at Caterham School and running the Film Festival. 

Time: Thursday 4.00pm 

Location: Upstairs in Innovation Centre

Contact: Miss Crick Email:

BBC School Report

BBC News School Report is open to First to Second Years and gives pupils the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience. It also involves BBC staff sharing their skills with pupils. It is a collaborative project run by BBC News, BBC Sport, BBC Outreach and BBC Childrens’.

The report is run as a film co-curricular project using lesson plans and materials from the BBC Academy website, and with support from BBC staff and partners, to help pupils develop their journalistic and film-making skills to become School Reporters and Film Crews. There will be teaching sessions run throughout the project with the support  of Senior Computing and Digital Learning.

A group of 15/20 pupils will be chosen to run the project with the help of Miss Crick, and will participate in running two sessions with the whole of the First and Second Year and the News Day in March.

The film produced on News Day in March will be featured on the BBC website via an interactive map, which links through to the Caterham School website. All First to Second pupils involved will gain a chance to produce films and enter them for the Film Festival in the Summer Term.

 Prep Film Outreach Programme 

This academic year, Co-curricular Film will be launching the first Prep Outreach Programme. The Programme will include two workshop days in the spring term with another Prep School and will culminate in a Film Festival.  Pupils will learn Film, Dance, Drama, and English techniques to use a poem to inspire a film. Senior School pupils will be asked to facilitate the workshops and Film Festival. 

Film Festival

The whole Co-curricular year will culminate in a Film Festival where films from all projects will be shown alongside dance and drama performances and speeches from invited special guests.  This is an event for the School and wider School community to learn what we do in Co-curricular film and get involved.

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