50th Anniversary of the Montcrieff-Jones Society

50th Anniversary of the Montcrieff-Jones Society


Mr Dan Quinton, Head of Science, is delighted to invite you to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moncrieff-Jones Society (MJS) on Friday 22 September, featuring a talk by OC, Dr Luke Bashford (OC 2001 – 2008), Caltech.#

Luke was President of MJS 10 years ago and, following his PhD in Neuroscience, is now working at Caltech conducting fascinating research helping paralyzed people operate limbs and computers via thought alone. His talk will be based around his research. We’re really looking forward to hearing from an Old Cat who is doing such incredibly cutting-edge research.

The evening will begin at 6.00pm with drinks in the foyer of the Humphreys Theatre.
Dr Bashford’s talk will begin at 7.00pm, with a Q&A session from 8.00pm – 9.00pm.
Please register via Eventbrite, and contact Eloise Väisänen, Alumni Officer ([email protected] / tel: 01883 335091) for more information.

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