ArtsHouse: Scorched

ArtsHouse: Scorched

Tuesday 23 May 2017, 7.00pm

Deayton Theatre, Centre for Performing Arts

Egypt. 1941. WWII. An escaped German officer. A two-day chase across the brutal Sahara. A triumphant capture. A hero’s return. England. 1991. Jack reigns from the armchair of his rest home, a local legend and decorated veteran of Tobruk. He is a former river warden, boxer, horse whisperer, boat builder, charmer, prolific father and husband to a very unhappy wife. Memories are, by his own hand, tattooed on his body but dementia is eroding his mind. As the Gulf War rages in the media, the past drags him back to his own scorched sands. Told from the armchair of Jack’s care home Scorched uses new writing, physical theatre, period music, puppetry and projection to create a hazardous journey of remembrance.  Inspired by true stories from the life of writer Lisle Turner’s grandfather in the 75th anniversary year of the Battle of Tobruk.

Please book tickets via wisepay (open to visitors and parents) 

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