Careers using Languages

Careers using Languages

The Careers Department are delighted to welcome a superb array of speakers to the ‘Careers using Languages’ evening, which will take place in the Humphreys Theatre at 7pm on Monday 18 March.

We will hear from a city commodity trader, a management consultant, a diplomat, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, media and advertising, as well as a former city financier, interior designer and now handbag designer! Some of our speakers studied languages at university whilst some had to learn a language because their subsequent jobs required them to do so.

The evening is not just about why languages can be so important but how even the basic knowledge of a language can help you understand culture and society. We live in a very diverse global economy where it is vital that you are able to call on these skills and abilities to further your career and, in the case of one of our speakers, save your job from redundancy.

You do not have to be considering studying a language at university or A Level to attend this evening. If you are interested in any of the above roles please do join us as all our speakers will be talking about their careers alongside their use of language.

To book your seat, please email [email protected]

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