Caterham Online Partnership: Internet Safety Evening

Caterham Online Partnership: Internet Safety Evening

Over the past few weeks, national newspapers have covered a number of stories around e-safety, often pointing out the dangers of the online world, but without offering parents the support and guidance necessary to help young people navigate this complex environment. We wanted to take the opportunity to remind you about the Caterham Online Partnership which can be found on Firefly. These pages contain a diverse range of information to ensure parents are up to date with what might be going on in their child’s online world, but also advice on how to deal with the types of problems that can occur. If you have suggestions about the sort of information that would be useful, but is not yet covered, please do email Adam Webster, who will follow this up with you.

In addition, Mr Webster is hosting one of the School’s regular Internet Safety Awareness Evenings on Wednesday 29 November at 7.00pm in the Deayton Theatre.

Mrs Sarah Griffiths & Mr Adam Webster

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