CC Introduction to Creative Crochet

CC Introduction to Creative Crochet

Double, treble, slip stitch, popcorn! Balls and balls or glorious yarn! Crochet is gaining popularity as a craft with a bounty of wellbeing benefits.

This live class, led by Karen Taylor, will introduce you to the world of crochet and aims to inspire a new hobby and a chance to unwind from the busy world around us. The class will be supplemented with recorded tutorials to follow at your own pace whilst you learn, with a view to working on some projects together as group.

Hello! My name is Karen Taylor, I am a Caterham Prep School teacher and a self-confessed Crochet Addict. I taught myself to crochet in 2018 by using some online videos and little kit for a toy Lion. It took me quite a few attempts but I finally started to understand the stitches and have now (three years later) created some wonderful projects and have a yarn stash that I have to hide around the house. I find this creative outlet to be so important for my well-being. Getting into the rhythm of a project, planning the next and looking at other creators really does help me to be inspired and ultimately, unwind.

I have great fun documenting my progress on Instagram @YarnapaloozaKT and am also part of a new creative venture called @BobbinandYarn. We are sharing images that INSPIRE, projects we CREATE and creative ideas to help us to UNWIND.

I would love to bring some more of the Caterham Community into the Crochet world and eventually work on some projects together. 

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