Help Us Replant Old Park Woods

Help Us Replant Old Park Woods

Tree Planting in Old Park Woods!

We are looking forward to the next stage of the replanting of the School’s Old Park Woods in autumn/winter 2023/24 as part of our regeneration of Old Park Woods. We will have a further batch of native trees such as oak, birch, hazel, beech and cherry to rehome, following the necessary Ash Dieback clearance work. The first batch of saplings were planted in spring 2023 and are settling in well to their new environment. 

If you would like to pledge your time to plant saplings and help out in Old Park Woods please sign up using the form below. We will be in touch to keep you updated on progress and replanting dates. 

Ash Dieback

What’s happening in Old Park Woods

Ash Dieback is affecting woodlands across the country and it is estimated that the fungus will kill around 80 per cent of ash trees in the UK (The Woodland Trust). The introduction of Ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) to Europe occurred about 30 years ago has devastated the European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) because our native ash species did not evolve with the fungus and therefore has no natural defence against it.

With a high proportion of ash within Old Park Woods, a survey of the trees was undertaken by the Forestry Commission in 2019 and a prioritised plan was developed following their guidance. Work to clear the affected ash within the woods started in 2020 with diseased ash trees being felled but leaving and monitoring those which appear healthy.  The felling is taking place outside of the bird nesting seasons to minimise impact on the woodland’s natural residents. Key areas for wildlife are being treated with sensitivity.

Woodland areas which have been felled will be replanted with native trees such as oak, birch, hazel, beech and cherry. Whilst it is unfortunate that so many of our ash trees need to be removed, these works have been incorporated into our ongoing plans to regenerate the woodland and by introducing the diversity of native trees in place of the ash, will help the long-term sustainability of the woodland. 

The felling work has brought a significant amount of timber – some of which is seasoned onsite and sold on to the local community as logs or as charcoal produced onsite. Further timber has been chipped and is sent to the Kent Renewable Power Energy Biomass Plant to generate electricity.

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