Independent Research Project Final 2021

Independent Research Project Final 2021

Thursday 18 November at 7.00pm

Humphreys Theatre

Want to hear more about the effects of our diet on our gut, machine learning, or bildungsroman literature, all in one evening….?

The premier academic event of the year, is nearly upon us. Six Upper Form pupils will battle it out for the prestigious Young, Alden Davies & Gay Prizes for Independent Research Projects.

Please join us to hear the finalists below explain their research in under seven minutes each, followed by questions from our judges and from the audience.

This year’s finalists are:

Rachel C

To what extent do a character’s childhood experiences influence the adult that they become within bildungsroman literature.

Fleur M

How is the western diet changing the gut microbiome and what impacts does this have on our health?

Lilly M

The Legacy Algorithm

William P

Why is physics uncertain?

Alexander R

Machine Learning

Antonia W

‘Should the UK be worried about its rising government debt?’


Drinks will be available in the Humphreys Theatre foyer from 6.45pm.

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