Independent Research Project Final

Independent Research Project Final

Thursday 9 November, 7.00pm

Humphreys Theatre

You are warmly invited to the premier academic event in the school’s calendar. The seven Upper Sixth Form finalists in this year’s Independent Research Project competition will be presenting their work in a bid to win prestigious prizes from our panel of judges. There are opportunities for the audience to ask questions, as well as to vote for their favourite presentation of the night.

This year’s topics are :

  • How can X-ray crystallography be effectively used to identify a crystal?
  • An interdisciplinary investigation – can the psychological consequences of guilt be justified by its benefits?
  • Was moral hazard a bigger cause of the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008 than loose monetary policy?
  • A comparative study of Charles Dickens and Zadie Smith. Who exposes social injustice more effectively and how do they both achieve this?
  • What impact does changing the social and cognitive parameters have on Particle Swarm Optimisation algorithms?
  • Can art ever be objectively beautiful?
  • The downfall of the Romanoffs – a concept collection

Drinks will be available from 6.45pm in the foyer area of the Humphreys Theatre and the main event will start at 7.00pm.

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