Wellbeing Transition Evening

Wellbeing Transition Evening

We are delighted to invite parents of pupils in Years 5 and 6 of the Prep School and First and Second Year of the Senior School to a Wellbeing Transition evening.

The evening is designed to help you support your child through the challenges and expectations of the transition from Prep to Senior School and on into adolescence.  A number of workshops are on offer, delivered by staff of Caterham Prep and the Senior School, who are experienced in the hurdles that parents and pupils are faced with.

Below is a plan of the evening and outlines of the sessions which parents are asked to choose two to attend. The evening will also include an introduction from the Pastoral Leads of the Prep and Senior School and will give you an opportunity to have an informal chat at the end of the evening with members of the Pastoral Team.

To indicate your attendance, number of places and which two sessions you would like to attend please email [email protected]

Plan for evening

7.00pm                 Introduction by Sarah Griffiths (Deputy Head, Pastoral & Wellbeing) Wilberforce Hall

7.30pm                 Session 1

8.00pm                 Session 2

8.30pm                 Opportunity to chat informally with Pastoral staff, Wilberforce Hall


Outline of sessions

A: Katharine Sharpe (Learning Support Coordinator, Prep School): ‘Mindset Matters’ – how to encourage and develop adolescent resilience and optimism.

  • This workshop will explore the popular concept of ‘Growth Mindset’ in terms of what it reallymeans and its relationship to developing resilience and optimism into adolescence.  Parents will come away with a clearer understanding of different mindsets and how to support their children to cope with setbacks, develop their self-confidence and grow into resilient, optimistic young adults.

B: Adam Webster (Deputy Head, Teaching and Innovation): Managing the digital side of life.

  • This workshop will give parents a chance to reflect on how the internet, social media and technology will affect their child as they get older. They’ll also have chance to think about the opportunities and risks that may arise and what boundaries might be appropriate.

C: Kim Wells (Director of Teaching and Learning) and Alex Moore (Head of First Year): Promoting great organisation and effective study skills.

  • This workshop will teach parents about the Study Skills that are taught and used at school as well as providing top tips for thriving academically including developing organisation skills and self-awareness.

D: Annie Ingrassia (Deputy Head, Caterham Prep School) and Natalie Lomas (Head of Second Year): Managing the transition.

  • A guide to helping your child transition smoothly from Prep to Senior School. Parents will have a chance to reflect on the types of things children may worry about when changing schools and their journey into adolescence. This session will include lots of practical advice and time for questions.

E: Gaelle Sullivan (Senior Teacher Pastoral) and Rachel Hart (Head of Third Year): How to help when things go wrong

  • Bumps in the road are a part of life but watching your child face difficulties can be very hard on parents. This workshop will explore commonly faced difficulties as well as offering practical advice on how parents can support their children on their road to becoming strong, confident adults.


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