Tusk. Tusk

Tusk. Tusk

Tuesday 6 & Wednesday 7 February, 7.00pm

Caterham School presents a Sixth Form Play

Tickets for this year’s Sixth Form Play, Tusk Tusk, are now on sale! In a new flat, three children play hide and seek. Eliot wears a crown, little Finn, King of the Wild Things, draws on the walls. Maggie climbs them. Hiding from the world, needing to be found, their one shared focus is a mobile phone. Will it ring? Who will call? And what are they waiting for? Tusk Tusk is a tale of family loyalty as an uncertain future circles.

Age rating: 16+

Content warning: Strong language & mature themes throughout

This production has been entirely produced by pupils in the Sixth Form and is a testament to what can be done when creativity, teamwork and determination come together! Come and support the cast & directors and 

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