iPad: What to try next

iPad: What to try next

You’ve had an iPad for a little while now. You’ve mastered some apps, you are an AirPlay Wizard, and Apple Classroom is your new best friend, so what should you do next to up your digital game?

Here are 5 ideas:

1: Team up with a colleague from a different department                                                                    

What has always struck me as impressive about the use of iPads at Caterham, is the diversity with which they are used and how different departments have adopted them in different ways. By teaming up with a colleague in another department, you could discuss and plan lessons that use technology in an engaging way and give each other tips and feedback on how the use could be adapted/changed/improved. Perhaps start by watching each other deliver the use of technology in the way you’re most comfortable first, and go from there.


2: Head to Twitter

Using the hashtag ‘edtech’ and/or your own subject area you will get an insight to the incredible volume of content, support and tips being dealt out on this platform. For a more definitive list of hashtags you might find useful, check out this link: http://www.gettingsmart.com/2017/07/education-hashtags-teachers-edleaders/

And for assistance with getting started with Twitter either as a department or personally as a professional, please do come and speak to me.


3: Go to the Innovation Centre…

…and make a film using the green screen. The green screen allows any background you or your pupils can imagine to fill the screen, whilst they stand I front of it. You might film a revision topic, an interview, or a re-enactment, but whatever you go for, it will make for a memorable and enduring resource for the pupils.


4: Turn off the projector/screen at the front of the room

By doing this, you focus in on what the iPads can do on their own, without the addition of other content. It may be that you harness the power of Nearpod, which several departments do very effectively already. However, it might mean that you simply create a space for pupils to research, or get to grips with some of the more complex apps that you don’t need to demonstrate, but simply give clear expectations of the type of content you want to be created. Alternatively, it might be a chance for your pupils to explore the classroom or the school in search of other content that can be easily collected and collated on the device.


5.Become a certified Apple Teacher

Whilst in many ways the Apple teacher programme only covers ‘the basics’, you’ll be amazed at the tips and tricks you pick up by refreshing your knowledge of the device and its infrastructure. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is simply a course for learning which button does what – the focus of every example and question is about educational use and indeed sometimes the questions examples are the things you want to take away and try. Take a look here; https://appleteacher.apple.com/auth/#/signin/


Bonus idea: put your department forward to be early on the list of departments involved with the cross-school collaboration we are participating in with Bolton School and RGS Worcester – this is a sure-fire way to have an inspiring day of inset driven by you and your peers within your curriculum area and an event form which you will walk away with a whole plethora of ideas.

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