Intermediate IRP Finals Evening

Intermediate IRP Finals Evening

It’s nearly time! Intermediate IRP Finals Evening Thursday 4 May

Join us for a showcase of the academic talent and endeavour of the Middle School next Thursday at the Intermediate (Fourth & Fifth Year) IRP Finals Night.

Some 40 pupils entered this year’s competition, and the standard was once again terrific. With great difficulty in so strong a field, five finalists have been chosen, who will showcase their research at what is always a very special evening.

Each finalist will present his / her research and then field questions from the virtual audience. Prepare to be blown away by some of Caterham’s brightest young scholars!

  • Elle D (Fifth Year) – Will humans ever regenerate a limb?
  • Spencer T (Fourth Year) – Was the Meiji era a restoration or a revolution?
  • Violet W (Fifth Year) – The God-Devil Dichotomy in the Promethean Figure of the Shelley-Byron Circle
  • Casey M (Fifth Year) – Was Classical Athens a ‘democracy’ in anything like the modern sense?
  • Samuel P (Fourth Year) – The Possibilities of manufacturing Intelligence by 2040

The live stream of the presentations will begin at 7pm on Thursday 4 May 2023.

Click here to join us and to ask your questions on the evening.

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