A Visit from our Prep Scientists

A Visit from our Prep Scientists

This week we had the excitement of hosting some of our Prep School pupils in the science department.   

Year 3 were in Biology solving the question of why green bananas taste yucky?  They took bananas in various states of ripeness and tested them for starch and glucose.  It was discovered that as a banana ripens the amount of starch decreases and the amount of sugar increases – bananas get sweeter as they ripen. 

Year 4 were in Chemistry putting their measuring skills to the test and examining how changing the volumes of different chemicals alters the time it takes for a chemical reaction to take place.  They used lots of glassware and solutions to produce what is known as an iodine clock.  There was great excitement as the iodine colour suddenly appeared.   

Year 5 were in Physics learning about forces.  They were looking at ways to overcome friction using an air track and even had a ride on a hovercraft.  They also made their own mini hovercrafts and raced them down a ramp.   

It was all great fun, and fantastic to see the enthusiasm and curiosity of our younger pupils.  With many exciting future scientists among the year groups we look forward to working with you all throughout your Caterham journey.  

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