Adventures in Nice: Discovering the French Riviera

Adventures in Nice: Discovering the French Riviera

London Gatwick Airport staff witnessed the excited chatter of our pupils as they embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery to the picturesque city of Nice.  Packed with anticipation and a sense of adventure, the pupils eagerly boarded the plane, ready to embark on a memorable excursion filled with enriching experiences.

Upon our arrival at Nice airport, the beauty of the French Riviera unfolded before us, captivating our senses with its azure waters and sun-kissed landscapes. A seamless coach transfer whisked us away to our charming hotel, nestled in the heart of Nice. After walking up to La Colline du Château, we immediately were taken by the breathtaking view over the world famous “Baie des Anges “. Our first evening was marked by a delightful dinner, where we savoured the flavours of the Mediterranean. The perfect start to our gastronomic adventure!

The following day saw us venturing into the medieval village of Tourettes-sur-Loup, perched majestically on top of a rocky spur. Here, we immersed ourselves in the rich heritage of the region, exploring its winding alleys and ancient landmarks. Our journey continued with a visit to Confiserie Florian Sweet Factory in Pont du Loup, where we embarked on a guided tour, delving into the artistry of artisanal confectionery production and indulging in tantalising tastings of citrus jams and crystallized flowers. The highlight of our day was a visit to the legendary Perfumery Galimard in Grasse, where we delved into the intricate art of perfume-making, steeped in centuries-old tradition. From the fragrant flowers to the meticulously crafted scents, our senses were enraptured by the essence of Grasse.

On day 3, our exploration of Nice’s Old Town unveiled a tapestry of historic tenements, churches, and squares, inviting us to step back in time and immerse ourselves in its rich tapestry of culture and heritage. French tuition lessons provided valuable insights into the language and culture, enhancing our understanding and appreciation of the local way of life. The thrill of solving puzzles and unravelling mysteries awaited us at the Escape Room activities, where teamwork and collaboration were the keys to success.

A day trip to Monaco offered a glimpse into the opulent world of royalty and glamour, from the Changing of the Guard at the Palace to a guided tour aboard the Monaco Petit Train. The Top Cars Collection Museum provided a fascinating insight into the world of luxury automobiles, curated by HSH The Prince of Monaco himself. We were also very fortunate to witness the preparation for the Monaco Grand Prix taking place at the weekend.

Our final day in Nice culminated in a leisurely stroll through the vibrant Flower Market at Cours Saleya, where fragrant blooms and fresh produce filled the air with their enchanting scents. Amidst souvenir shopping and leisurely walks along La Promenade des Anglais, we bid adieu to Nice, our hearts filled with cherished memories and newfound friendships. As we boarded our flight back to London, we reflected on the countless moments of laughter, learning, and cultural exchange that defined our excursion to Nice. It was truly a journey of discovery, where every experience was a testament to the beauty and richness of French culture.

Until we meet again, adieu, Nice, and merci for the memories!

Nicole McVitty

Head of French

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