Beech Hanger Takes on Twelve Bridges Sponsored Walk

Beech Hanger Takes on Twelve Bridges Sponsored Walk

On a surprisingly sunny Sunday 14 May, a group of ten Beech Hanger girls went on a memorable 16-kilometre walk, criss-crossing twelve London bridges from Battersea to iconic Tower Bridge Our purpose was to raise funds for the Altevette Project (, a charity supporting the education and boarding of girls in the impoverished Upper Mustang region of the Nepalese Himalayas, near the Tibet border. Our boarding buddy, fourteen-year-old Yangkyi, has studied there for three years now.

After a relaxing Sunday morning stroll through Battersea Park, we walked across Albert, Chelsea, Vauxhall, Lambeth and Westminster Bridges. There, we took a well-deserved break for lunch, enjoying the sandwiches made by Miss Gibbs and delicious flapjacks prepared by Mrs Quinton, with the picturesque view of the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye adding to the charm of the event. 


With somewhat renewed energy, we continued our journey into the afternoon, crossing Hungerford, Waterloo, Blackfriars, Millennium and London Bridges, finally reaching the renowned Tower Bridge. The sheer determination and perseverance were evident, though there was a fair amount of complaining and grumbling!  

Upon completing this long walk, we treated ourselves to an ice cream, although we couldn’t help but comment on the inflated prices. With tired legs and sore feet, we trudged to the station then dragged each other back to the boarding house, where more ice cream awaited us! 

Many thanks to Miss Gibbs for organising and supporting this event, and to Mrs Quinton and Mrs Acharya for accompanying us. Also, well done to all ten of the girls who took part – it was a remarkable experience. Finally, many thanks to all the people, be they parents, friends or teachers, who sponsored us for this splendid cause. If you missed the sponsorship opportunity and would like to contribute, please contact [email protected].

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