Bugsy Malone is a Splurge-tastic Success

Bugsy Malone is a Splurge-tastic Success

We said goodbye to the Spring Term in the Drama Department with some good old fashioned 1920s gang warfare. Fat Sam and Dandy Dan turned the Humphreys Theatre into their very own battleground, fighting for supremacy over prohibition New York with the latest in weaponry: the splurge gun. Taking us through this tale of gangs, speakeasys and bad guys (who aren’t so bad after all) was the man of the hour, Bugsy Malone. When he wasn’t trying to convince Blousey Brown that he’s a decent enough sort of fellow, he was taking us on a journey through the underbelly of New York, where gangsters had epic car chases, appeared out of laundry trolleys and splurged unsuspecting victims at the Barber’s.

Based on the beloved film that saw the beginning of Jodie Foster’s career, you would be forgiven for suspecting that many of the cast are on her similar trajectory of success. The talent, skill and sheer enthusiasm displayed by pupils in the first and second year blew everyone away- the standing ovations weren’t for nothing! From Florence R’s depiction of tough New Yorker Fat Sam, who was constantly despairing at his motley crew of ‘bad guys’, to Daisy C’s smooth talking, sinister Dandy Dan, you could easily forget that you were watching two of the politest pupils you could hope to meet. When they sneered at their crews with their drawling New York accents, I certainly shrunk in my seat and made a mental note not to get on their bad sides! We were also in very good hands with our narrator, Bugsy Malone himself. Logan C had us hooked from the beginning, with his charming, easy-going character, who was just trying to make a decent (if not honest!) living, whilst Lily W and Healy D melted our hearts with their beautiful renditions of ‘Ordinary Fool’ and ‘Tomorrow.’

We also need to applaud the debut performances of our first years, who took to the stage like they had been performing in the West End for years. Emily S as Tallulah, Elliott R as Cagey Joe and Aggie P as Lena Marrelli all wowed with their voices, stage presence and fully committed characterisation.

But this was not a show of individuals. Every single member of the company did themselves proud, putting their full energy and joy into a show made up of larger-than-life characters and beloved songs. There were hilarious double acts, incredible showgirls, witty one-liners, nosy reporters and a whole bunch of sad down and outs needing a break. Every cast member put their all into their performance, and I was so impressed by their commitment, timing and enthusiasm.

A big congratulations also must go to the crew! If it wasn’t enough that they had unyielding set pieces, exploding follow-spot lights and precisely timed sound effects, they also had to deal with a cast armed with splurge guns. Kudos, team. Well done for surviving that one (and getting your own back on the last night…!)

Thank you to Miss Riley, Mrs Parker, Mr Hall and Mr Baddeley for putting together an outstanding show that I am sure we won’t forget in a hurry.

“You give a little love and it all comes back to you!

You know you’re gonna be remembered for the things that you say and do!”

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