CaterhamConnected: Positivity for Peak Performance

CaterhamConnected: Positivity for Peak Performance

We closed a very successful CaterhamConnected year of professional networking with an Insight Webinar, titled ‘Positivity for Peak Performance,” which featured three distinguished speakers who captivated us with their invaluable insights and personal experiences. 

Mark Kingston Old Cat, a former Head Boy and Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products, Gaming & Experiences at ZAG STUDIOS, graced the virtual stage with his remarkable journey. With an illustrious career spanning across renowned brands such as MARS, the BBC, The Walt Disney Company, Nickelodeon, MTV, and Paramount, Mark shared his wisdom on harnessing positivity in the pursuit of success. 

Tom McJennett OldCat, is the Managing Director of Ventures at Two Circles Sport. With a background as the former Head of Global Digital Marketing at the International Olympic Committee, Tom brought a wealth of expertise to the conversation. His insights emphasised the importance of positivity in achieving peak performance in the realm of sports and beyond. 

Completing the trio of outstanding speakers was Katie Warriner (Mobed), one of the UK’s leading Performance Psychologists. Renowned for her work with top athletes, leaders, and organisations, Katie emphasised the significance of maintaining a genuine and mindful approach to positivity. She shed light on the potential pitfalls of false positivity, urging the audience to find a balance between embracing optimism and acknowledging genuine challenges. 

Throughout the webinar, the speakers provided practical strategies and techniques for cultivating both a positive and a growth mindset, how to turn obstacles into opportunities, and how to maintain resilience in the face of adversity.  

The audience were reminded that positivity is not simply about wearing rose-tinted glasses, but about cultivating a genuine and empowering outlook. By acknowledging both the highs and lows of life, we can harness the power of positivity to propel ourselves towards peak performance in all aspects of our lives. 

A warm thanks to Mark Kingston, Tom McJennett, and Katie Warriner for their time and wisdom.  

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