Caterham’s Saturday Plus Scheme Enters Second Year

Caterham’s Saturday Plus Scheme Enters Second Year

Following a fantastic first year, the second cohort of our SaturdayPlus pupils will begin their programme in January 2024. Almost 30 families took part in year one and we’re delighted to welcome a further 34 Year 5 pupils from six schools in the spring.  SaturdayPlus aims to create a vibrant learning community and boost entry to selective state-maintained grammar schools and independent schools.

The Saturday Plus scheme offers monthly sessions on Saturdays at Caterham School. Each session provides a blend of academic lessons and enriching new experiences such as climbing, coding, lacrosse and drama delivered by teachers from Caterham’s senior and prep schools. To encourage a sense of community amongst the children participants are hosted for lunch. Help with transport to and from the sessions is also provided and, in many cases, makes the difference between children being able to access the programme or not.

Throughout the monthly sessions, pupils embark on a carefully curated program designed to build on their existing curriculum. The focus extends beyond traditional subjects, honing in on the skills and knowledge crucial for success in 11+ entrance exams and beyond. The holistic approach aims not only to bolster academic achievement but also to nurture confidence and engagement in the learning process.

Saturday Plus aims to support the whole family, recognizing the vital role parents and carers play in a child’s educational journey. Parents and carers are inviting to get involvement at specific points during the programme both with hands on involvement in sessions and dedicated guidance sessions on available financial support for independent schools and insights into the intricacies of entrance procedures and tests. This collaborative element aims to strengthen the partnership between educators and families, fostering a holistic approach to learning.

The success of the Saturday Plus program in its inaugural year serves as a testament to its efficacy. The collaborative nature of bringing together pupils from diverse schools has enriched their learning experiences and cultivated friendships. The commitment of the dedicated team of teachers at Caterham and the participants’ primary schools has resulted in an engaging and enriching environment where curiosity thrives.

Our hope is that the Saturday Plus Scheme stands as an effective working model of collaboration between educational sectors and the widening of opportunity. The aim of the program is to inspire young minds, foster a love for learning, and make a lasting impact on the local educational landscape as well as individuals’ futures.


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