During the Easter Holidays, the Army Section embarked on a three-day exercise on Longmoor training areas. The objective was to train in close quarter combat and urban operations – Training In a Built-Up Area (TIBUA) – as well as out in the fields and woodland surrounding Longmoor’s custom-built urban fighting village. Cadets learned to breach buildings using windows and explosives, to fight in houses and up staircases, to evacuate casualties and to provide fire support. As well as getting to grips with these new techniques, cadets also conducted standing patrols, undertook all-night sentry duty and mounted section attacks across open ground.

A woodland ambush on an enemy convoy and dusk close target reconnaissance on suspected buildings led us to the final phase, in which the platoon infiltrated a village in a dawn assault, clearing the site of all hostile forces using blank ammunition and lots of smoke. Fourth Year cadets being assessed for their 2* award performed well, led as ever by their experienced Sixth Form NCOs. Thanks in particular to the detailed instruction and planning of Capt Jones who brought his vast experience to bear in producing another splendid exercise.

Capt Mathew Owen

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