CCF Range and Obstacle Course Day

CCF Range and Obstacle Course Day

Thirty cadets enjoyed a sunny day’s shooting on Sunday at Pirbright Ranges. After lessons in the principles of marksmanship, each of the cadets, from the Third Year to Lower VI, tried their hands at various shoots at 100m from the prone, sitting and kneeling position and in a fire-trench. Some kind souls left the targetry largely unscathed, but others shot splendidly, especially considering that many had not fired at this distance before. Most cadets passed as Trained Shots; some earned their Marksman badge; but particular congratulations of Cdt Woods (Fourth Year) and Cdt Kwan (Third Year) who scored sufficiently highly to be awarded their Advanced Marksman badges.

The afternoon gave the cadets the opportunity to launch themselves over Brunswick’s demanding obstacle course. After a familiarisation run, the three sections competed against one another over walls, through tunnels and across the gungy murk below the monkey bars with gusto, teamwork and aggression, with 1 Section emerging as narrow winners.


It was a splendid day’s training, during which all of the cadets performed creditably and learned a great deal. Many thanks to Capt Jones for running such an exciting, slick and valuable range package.


Capt Mathew Owen

OC Army Section

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