Christmas Science Lecture

Christmas Science Lecture

We were thrilled to welcome OC Jansen Zhao back to Caterham School for the 2019 MJS Christmas Science Lecture which focussed on Jansen’s work: The Quest of Harnessing Quantum Information.

Quantum mechanics underpins the most fundamental understanding of reality by modern science.  The discovery of quantum mechanics and its development throughout the 20th century have led to an unprecedented technological revolution.

Jansen left Caterham School to study for a Master of Physics, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at Oxford University before completing a PhD in Quantum Computing at Singapore  University of Technology and Design. Jansen is currently a Senior Researcher at ETH, Zurich.

Jansen expertly conveyed his work both to the mathematicians and physicists in our community and to those less well versed in the subjects with entertaining cartoons illustrating his points. The lecture provided an intuitive overview of the interdisciplinary research of quantum information science.  Jansen provided snapshots of the latest progress of collective endeavour in harnessing quantum information processing to solve some of the most pressing problems our society has to face today.

We were honoured to welcome Jansen back – and intensely proud of all that he is achieving. It was heartening to see the audience so full of current pupils, Old Caterhamians and parents who enjoyed the evening and contributed so many interesting questions.

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