Drama Scholars’ Workshop: Professional Theatrical and Media Make Up

Drama Scholars’ Workshop: Professional Theatrical and Media Make Up

On the last Friday of half term, the lower school drama scholars took part in a professional theatrical and media make-up workshop, led by Creative Makeup Artist Zoe Tiley.

Zoe works as both a freelance Creative Makeup Artist in TV and Theatre, as well as a sessional lecturer across the country. The workshop allowed pupils to learn the behind-the-scenes process of making special effect injuries such as cuts, bruises and larger wounds and aging makeup.

Following an introduction to a variety of tools and materials spanning from sponges to scar wax, the pupils were taken through each step of the process and given the chance to try out their new skills on their own arms and faces. By the end of the session, we had fake injuries that ranged from glass shards sticking out of wrists to zombie bites infected with flesh eating maggots. The pupils also got a magical glimpse into the future when learning how to age their own faces for stage. It was truly incredible, albeit rather gruesome, to see what complex and creative work the pupils managed to accomplish in just a few hours!

With an exciting range of school productions coming up this year, the drama scholars are now ready to apply their newfound knowledge as budding make-up artists!

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