English Schools’ Track and Field Cup Surrey Round 1

English Schools’ Track and Field Cup Surrey Round 1

The Caterham athletics squad produced a fabulous set of results in round one of this national competition, finishing in first place out of ten schools in the Inter Boys, second place in the Inter Girls, third in the Junior Girls and fifth in the Junior Boys. It looks likely that at least three of our teams will progress to the regional finals a feat that matches last years’ heroics.

This competition aims to find the best all-round athletics team, with athletes only allowed to compete in two events; one of which must be track based and one field based. Points are awarded in a positive correlation for increased distances thrown or jumped, and an inverse correlation for running times.

All individual points scores can be found by clicking here

Standout performers:

Estee N in the IG High jump 1.47m (20 points) and 800m 2:19.5 (31 points) BOTH OF WHICH ARE SCHOOL RECORDS!

Ryen R in the Inter Boys High Jump 1.77m (25 points) and 300m 37.6s and (27 points) THE LATTER, A NEW SCHOOL RECORD!

Lisette M JG 1500m 5:37.2 (23 points)

Mimi C JG 800m 2:49.4 (21 points)

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