Experts Share Insights at Investment & Finance Club

Experts Share Insights at Investment & Finance Club

This term, Investment & Finance Club embraced an exciting new format, featuring a line-up of exceptional guest speakers. These experts enlightened pupils on crucial topics such as the housing market, insurance, derivatives, and the impact of the recent US banking collapse. Through their real-world experiences, they empowered pupils to explore future careers in finance and investment.

• Steven Friend: Housing Market Insights
• Nicole Downer: Private Debt
• Peter Speak: Derivatives and US Banking Collapse
• Dominic Carpenter: Risk Management in Insurance

Lower Sixth pupil Cameron A, said ‘the club has given me real insights to future careers and skills that I will need to succeed’ highlighting Dominic Carpenter’s presentation on risk management and derivatives in the insurance sector. Cameron found the discussions on insurance analysis and working with large firms like British Airways particularly insightful.

The club’s commitment to empowering pupils to take control of their financial destinies is evident, also setting them on a path of success in the finance and investment industry. Next half term, the Club will welcome another set of speakers.


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