First Year EDGE to Curate the first Caterham School Museum

First Year EDGE to Curate the first Caterham School Museum

Over the past two weeks, our First Year pupils have all enjoyed a visit to the Imperial War Museum as part of their Edge curriculum. The reason? They are going to be curating the first ever Caterham School Museum, to be unveiled during Wilberforce week at the end of this term.

During the trip, pupils were able to enjoy the fascinating artefacts spanning two centuries, while at the same time learning how museums are organised, how artefacts are displayed and how the stories behind the artefacts are relayed – knowing this is what they will soon be needing to do.

The project promises to be a wonderful commemoration of Caterham School for all the community to enjoy, while pupils will also learn valuable lessons in research, how to engage people, creativity and working in teams. It complements the previous two First Year Edge projects from this year; the first working alongside Sal’s Shoes to understand what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes and the second collaborating with architecture company Arcadis to design and pitch a room design for the school’s Innovation Centre, currently in its planning phase.

Keep your eyes open for information later in the term about the Caterham School Museum.

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