Flying the Flag at BETT 2024

Flying the Flag at BETT 2024

Caterham’s leading position in the fast-moving world of digital and innovation is set for a further boost next week at BETT 2024, the international exhibition showcasing the very latest education technology.  Mr Adam Webster will be flying the flag as Caterham is hosted by BETT to talk to global delegations about the latest developments, with a particular focus on the ethical use of AI to underpin pupils’ wellbeing and academic progress.

Caterham is the only UK School to have an AI/Machine Learning Engineer on staff and our pupils have long benefited from the school’s embrace of the best of technology – both in their own learning and skills and in the teaching, care and systems that support their journey through school. The focus at Caterham is to ensure that technology enhances and supports individual learning, augmenting and not replacing the vital inspirational rapport between teachers and pupils.

Beyond our campus, Caterham plays an important role in sharing experience with state-maintained partner schools and independent schools.  Mr Webster is on the HMC Artificial Intelligence working party and in the prep school Mr Lex Lang IAPS National Advisor for Computing, Partnerships and Digital Innovation working with all UK prep schools. The school’s aim is to develop knowledge, platforms and systems that can benefit all schools and young people as we move towards a rapidly changing future.

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