Frantic Four Hour Workshop

Frantic Four Hour Workshop

This week the Fourth Year Drama pupils were treated to a four-hour physical theatre workshop with renowned theatre company, Frantic Assembly. Pupils learned about the mechanics of lifting their fellow actors, how to use building blocks to create string of material and how to work collaboratively through touch to create an engaging piece of theatre. It was a fascinating workshop which led to some interesting discoveries about how stories can be told on stage, and how work can be created.

“I was able to put down my personal barriers and interact with people more   physically.”

“I loved learning the lifts and seeing how I could incorporate one into [a piece of drama]”

“I enjoyed finding out how each little exercise came together to create one big structured piece.”

“I think that the different techniques that we used will be very useful for devising in the future”

We can’t wait to see what the pupils will create based on what they learned. Watch this space!

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