French Pen Pal Project is Back

French Pen Pal Project is Back

1J’s first letters to their Pen Pals from St Louis, Le Mans have now been sent! 1J enjoyed using a lot of the French they have been learning so far, to share with their “correspondants” what they like doing and what they do not like or describing their family and pets. Some wrote some very lengthy letters indeed. 1J are now waiting with anticipation “la lettre de leur correspondant”. 

All is not lost for 1H who also have their very special “correspondant”. 1H are very pleased to have adopted a French goat from a farm in the South of France. They chose a name for her “Pain au Chocolat” – and are learning about her likes and dislikes and all the other animals at the farm – all in French of course. 

They also wrote their first letter in French to “Pain au Chocolat” where they tell her about themselves. They all had one question to ask “Pain au Chocolat” about her life at the farm and about her routine. 1H are like 1J as eager to hear from their very special “correspondant”. Some interesting facts to come that we can share next time!

 “À bbbbbientôt”

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