This week a new format for the House Music competition was unveiled in which each house presented a solo vocalist, solo instrumentalist and an ensemble performance.

The evening demonstrated the splendid array of musical talent that we have at Caterham School and all performers ranging from the First Year up to the Upper Sixth Form did themselves and their houses very proud.

The winner of the instrumental class was Samuel (Boarders) who performed Liebestraum on the piano brilliantly with technical mastery and a high caliber of musicianship. The second place recipient was Alice (Aldercombe) on the flute and third place was awarded to Philip (Harestone) on the violin. Special mention must go to Sahil who stepped in to perform at the last minute.

The winner of the vocal class was Olivia (Harestone) with a delightful performance of Gershwin’s Summertime. Second place was awarded to Aldi (Boarders) with a delicate and emotional performance of Berg’s Die Nachtigall and the third place was awarded to Anna (Lewisham) with a sensitive and impactful performance of Another Love. Becca is also commended for stepping in to perform her song at the very last minute.

Our adjudicator for the evening, Gerry Ruddick commented how brave pupils were to perform and give their personal interpretations of the pieces. The high standard and quality of the performances gave him a remarkably difficult job to decide on final placement of performers.

Following on from the soloists, each house presented their ensemble entries. The winning house was Ridgefield house for their energetic, rhythmic and refined performance of Don’t Stop Believing. Runners up were Lewisham with their stunning performance of A Thousand Years and third place was awarded to Newington for their committed and vocally sound performance of September Song. Special mention must go to the Boarders for producing a twenty-two piece orchestra and for Aldi conducting so very well. All performers did excellently and the music department were incredibly impressed with the range of arrangements and number of pupils involved.

The overall winners of the competition were the Boarders with Lewisham and Ridgefield sharing second place. Huge congratulations must be extended to all performers and we look forward to the next competition.

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